Building a better future by enabling better leadership

Supergood is in the business of helping professional and personal dreams become a reality - session after session, week after week, until our clients' needs are satisfied.

Our coaches use results-tested strategies to work with both the professional and personal elements of life. We do this in parallel to ensure that being ‘on purpose’ is fun and driven by passion not obligation, and that it doesn’t interfere with cultivating healthy and meaningful relationships.

Who we work with

Executives / Founders / CEOs / MDs

Being in charge is a privilege that requires radical responsibility, open mindedness and artful problem solving finesse. But even with the right combination of leadership skills, anyone with a significant amount of authority, needs a great support team.


Seasoned and new managers alike benefit from having a sounding board. Supergood offers support and skill development for those who manage teams, report to executives, and are in charge of major projects (like PMs). We help our clients better understand their roles and how to be facilitators of reliable results at greater ease.


We see the value in whole human coaching and working actively toward creating healthy romantic, familial, and interpersonal relationships. Conscious partnership is a completely achievable choice when you apply learnable skills and approaches to how you exist in union. Supergood is here to help with that.

Career Development: The Northstar Program

For seekers of their path and those ready to go further. Supergood’s Northstar Program will align its members with their highest purpose and the work of their wildest imaginings. This intensive offers the pathway to a coherent work:life balance and a blueprint for nothing less than greatness.

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Our Approach



Self and situational awareness are the basis for growth. Supergood helps its clients get clear on where they’ve been, where they are, and where they want to get to.



Confidential 1:1 sessions with your coach are the heart and soul of our work. We use rich conversation and thought-provoking exercises to uplevel leadership, communication, diplomacy, and performance.

Conscious Repetition

Conscious Repetition

Take action aligned with the outcomes you want. Detailed debriefs with Supergood coaches help our clients reinforce the new behaviors that are working, and uncover the right lessons for the ones that are not. Intelligent, guided iteration means breaking through limitations and growing faster.

Our Tools

1:1 Sessions

Confidential sessions with the greatest aligned Supergood coach over video conference or in-person at a regular cadence to get clear, dive in, and break through.

  1. Systematically involving those who work with you to get a snapshot of your leadership strengths and suggestions for areas that deserve focus.
  2. Helping you develop a crystal clear a picture of the work you want to commit yourself to.
  3. Concurrently exploring your inner space and guiding you toward a deeper understanding of yourself, so you are ready to meet any moment.

If you’re interested in group coaching with like minded peers

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360 Review

(highly recommended)

To excel as a leader you need to know what you’re good at, what you’re not good at, and how you are perceived by those you lead. We provide our clients with these essential insights by gathering in-depth feedback directly from their colleagues. Our 360 review process is designed to help shed light on superpowers, identify blind spots, and allot our coaching where it truly counts. Here is a bit more on our process:

Identify the reviewers

Our client suggests to us 6-8 people with whom they have direct professional contact.


Our client completes a self- assessment of their strengths, weaknesses, and areas ripe for development.

In-depth interviews

We conduct in-depth (but enjoyable and easygoing!) interviews with the colleagues our clients have suggested and ask about their experience of our clients performance and manner.

Our diplomatic team finishes your 360 report

We anonymize the interviews, organize the information into key themes, and provide our recommendation for where our coaching could best serve for mutual outcomes.

Stakeholder Enrollment and Consultation

We systematically involve those our client’s work with to get both qualitative and quantitative snapshots of leadership effectiveness and development areas. This process allows us to verify what works and where the future work is, with specific “feed-forward” suggestions. We also conduct follow ups to measure how much the needle is moving and to update stakeholder perceptions, meaning that our clients are continuing to evolve in areas that are contextually relevant.

Personality assessment

(highly recommended)

At Supergood we work with both the DISC and Enneagram self-reporting personality tests to build a foundation of self-awareness and give our coach’s effective insights into the core of our client’s personality patterns. The better we know you, and you know yourself, the more impactful our suggestions (and your decision making) can become.

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Frequently Asked Questions Still have questions? Please contact us.

Who will my coach be?

Cory Caprista - the founder of Supergood - will conduct all consultations and is the primary 1:1 coach. If in the consultation or during coaching, Cory believes a participant could benefit from the approach of an alternative coach or from supplemental sessions with one of Supergood’s other coaches, he will communicate that directly. However, the ultimate decision always lies with the client.

Do I need to have goals or know what I want to work on in order to benefit from coaching?

Needing to know what you want before you engage in coaching is one of the most common concerns and misconceptions about receiving coaching. If a client comes in knowing exactly what they want, that’s great. However, if they don’t, that’s also great! Working with a coach to map out exact wants, needs, desires and dreams is one of the best uses of coaching. If a potential client has a sense things could be better and they are willing to put in the work, then Supergood is here to help them get crystal clear on their ideal vision and what to do to make it a reality.

What is the time commitment?

Coaching sessions are between 60-90 minutes depending on the client and the package we have agreed to. There may be action items to complete between sessions (such as reading or writing exercises) but these will also be mutually scoped and agreed to. A client’s development journey is always paced based on their goals, needs and other commitments.

How long is the commitment?

Our coaching relationships vary in length, from 6 sessions to multiple years of working together. We do see coaching as something that naturally has an end date, and we see our role as helping our clients to reach a place in their lives where personal development is autonomous. Some clients will work with us, take a break, and then come back again later for more. However, our policy is always a minimum of 6 sessions

How are sessions conducted?

All coaching sessions are virtual via video conference as standard. Where possible and mutually agreed to, we can also do in person sessions.

How much does it cost?

All coaching packages are custom designed and after our complimentary consultation a comprehensive proposal, which includes all services and costs, is sent directly to the client for them review.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We prefer any secure payment method without fees (on both ends) and have always found a suitable method with our clients. If a credit card must be used, the fees are added to the invoice and worn by the client.

What is the refund policy?

Coaching is paid for 50% upfront and 50% at the midway point. If for any reason a client decides they do not want to continue the coaching during an already pre-agreed to length, we can discuss how to effectively transition the relationship. However, this rarely happens.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes. Like most 1:1 services, a session must be rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice. If a client begins to show a pattern of rescheduling, Supergood will endeavor to communicate about it as needed.

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Coaching is not therapy, but we do often find it to be complimentary. In fact, many of our clients see a therapist or psychologist while on their journey with Supergood. One of the main differences is that therapists are trained and licensed to take their clients to places coaches are not. If Supergood believes a client could benefit from therapy in addition to coaching, we will communicate this and can even suggest some pathways to seek it out.