Focused and ignited teams make powerful organizations

Our offsites and retreats accelerate team-building, impart dynamic skills, and show you a (super) good time while we’re at it.

Whether you’re looking to organize a one-day offsite for the whole company or a leadership team retreat, Supergood offers a flexible and custom-designed experience. We match the day with whatever needs, budgets, and logistical capabilities a company has, and can also plug in to an existing plan by bringing bursts of our wisdom and magic to an overall vision.

Who we work with

Whole Companies

Taking the entire staff membership “offsite” can be a transformative, recharging, and thoroughly enjoyable bonding activity. From these kinds of executions we have seen renewed velocity, regenerated creative capabilities and entire companies shift into the next gear.

Management teams

“Middle management” shouldn’t be a dirty phrase. The link between frontline staff and senior executives. They are how things get done, and change is enacted. We celebrate these folks and challenge them to be something more for the good of all involved.

Sub-organizations (product/sales/engineering/etc.) and cross-functional groups

We design for the unique challenges and personalities of each org or cross-functional group in your company. Our content and the conversations between your people can be more focused to deliver more value and faster upleveling.

Executive Staff

There are certain topics and conversations that are only relevant to or appropriate for your most senior staff. We make sure your most demanding people are engaged, challenged, and organized. They return to the work clear minded and ready to take the organization to the next level.

Administrative & operational teams

A company may already have a team who design, organize, and execute offsites. We forge special relationships with these folks, and aim to co-create symbiotically for a seamless experience and an exponential effect.

Our Approach



We conduct a ‘needs assessment’ either via phone interview and/or a survey to gauge the exact developmental requirements of a team.



Supergood offsite proposals include options that expand what is possible. We collaboratively iterate on the plan until it feels 100% right, and inspires every single party it concerns.

Coordinate & prepare

Coordinate & prepare

Supergood takes care of coordinating the relevant coaches, vendors, and staff in advance of the experience. There are three options here: we either work with a company’s coaching team, or bring our own staff onboard, or play with a blend of the two. Supergood coaches are masters of diplomacy and the offsite experience will reflect that.



We deliver exactly what we promised (sometimes even with a few bonus surprises). This is the bit that really sets Supergood apart, too. We radically orient to do whatever it takes to provide value and cultivate aliveness in the room. We are experts in honoring the agenda while dancing in the moment and working with whatever shows up.

“Better than we could have imagined” is the feedback we often receive on this step.



We provide retention documents to summarize key learnings and offer optional debriefs and integration calls if our clients need.

Our Tools

Workshop modules

We port some of our most popular workshops to the offsite environment.

Coaching forums

Facilitated group discussions that incorporate giving and receiving feedback to better illuminate company blind spots and resolve any lingering issues.

Team bonding and
building exercises

  • Guided meditation and breathwork
  • Low-pressure improvisation games
  • Yoga
  • Guided hikes and trail runs
  • Alternative options based on the interests, needs and abilities of the group

Brainstorming sessions

Supergood keeps its clients on track and squeezes every drop of magic available from each of its supervised brainstorming sessions. We bring a well-rounded toolkit of approaches and frameworks (depending on the topic and time container we are working with) and aim to leave the circle having solved critical issues as a team.

Wholesome refreshments

Will a company is in Supergood’s care, we keep their bodies as nourished as their minds. We use trusted caterers who source their ingredients locally and organically. We also make sure there are an array of beverages to please every palate - staying hydrated is key!


  • Live musical performances of different styles and genres
  • Dance and touring band:
  • Acclaimed singer-songwriters
  • DJs
  • Other entertainment options available based on the goals of the offsite

“I hired Cory to work with my team at Google in order to rebuild trust. We had real issues and a lack of trust within the team that I took over to manage and run. There was no teamwork or collaboration. With Cory's help, I was able to identify the core issues and rebuild the team's trust and connection. My work with Cory is ongoing and the outcomes are already evident. I would highly recommend him to anyone. ”

Konrad Ribeiro Head of Industry, Media and Entertainment, Google

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Frequently Asked Questions Still have questions? Please contact us.

Who will be my instructor/facilitator?

Cory Caprista - the founder of Supergood - will conduct all consultations and is the primary instructor. If involving other instructors with complementary skills is in the best interest of the workshop, this will be included in the proposal. Supergood has always found a way to present inspiring and aligned solutions, however, clients will have the final decision making authority on program design, including instructors.

How are offsites conducted?

Offsites are primarily in-person, however Supergood has had clients move to partial or full virtual offsites to accommodate the needs of an ever-changing world and workforce.

We have a team planning our offsite, can you work with them?

Absolutely. Whether it’s company staff or a 3rd party vendor, Supergood can always integrate with another planning team and process.

How much does it cost?

All offsite packages are customized and following our complimentary consultation and needs assessment, a comprehensive proposal, including all services and costs will be sent to the client for review.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We prefer any secure payment method without fees (on both ends) and have always found a suitable method with our clients. If a credit card must be used, the fees are added to the invoice and worn by the client.

How do you measure an offsite’s effectiveness?

Supergood integrates with our clients measurement processes and tools, and where clients don’t have existing methods, we deliver a solution. The most frequently used method is surveying participants anonymously in conjunction with a debriefing and analysis meeting to lock in learnings and make adjustments for the future.