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Supergood delivers three different types of group programs to up-level inspired leaders. In a group setting, you will have the ability to learn faster, receive supportive reflections in real time, and drill your skills to excellence. You may even make a friend at no extra charge.

We believe in thoughtful,
whole human and organization coaching…

Being an outstanding leader takes being wholehearted and fully integrated.

Our Supergood group programs have been specially designed to look at each individual’s life holistically, and help fine-tune the elements that form overall capability and readiness in any situation. We curate our groups with impressive individuals so instead of getting a single coach, you’ll end up with an army.

Supergood Offerings

At Supergood we offer two group programs

Leadership Council Multiply your resources.

Preneur-types come together to coach and be coached in a forum that accelerates breakthroughs and deepens the quality of their networks.

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North Star Know where you’re going and get there faster.

Uncover a purpose you believe in and design the career of your dreams, today.

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“I've gone through many leadership trainings at Airbnb, McKinsey, MIT Sloan and other places and Cory was the most engaging and effective trainer that I've experienced. He continually progressed the thinking on core concepts, tailored the content well to Airbnb and our context and kept the whole audience engaged and entertained. Kudos to Cory! ”

Jeff Feng Product Lead, Data, Airbnb

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If you don’t see a Supergood program that fits your needs, maybe one of our services might be a better fit.

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