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Whether you're at the helm of a high-performance organization, building for a brighter future, strengthening your interpersonal relationships, or ready for a new blueprint, there is no limit to your potential with clarity and the right design.

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We deliver research-backed tools and industry-tested strategies. Success with us means bottom lines met, days filled with purpose, and the answer to the question how are you? is more often than not, Supergood.

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Supergood coaches have all done the work. We carry the level of mastery that will allow you to trust with your life and business, and view our role as collaborators with the utmost privilege.

Anchored by compassion

Growth isn't always comfortable, nor is it always convenient. At Supergood we are committed to handling life's challenges with empathy and sense of humor. Our belief is that the results are only sustainable if the work feels that way too.

Improve Your Communication Today

At Supergood, we want you to have nice things. To prove it, we want to gift you a communication hack to help resolve the #1 mistake people make when giving feedback, in both personal and professional settings.

Here, take it, it's yours!

Improve Your Communication Today

While working, Cory emphasized the importance of soft skills, communication, collaboration for example. He reminded me how it's not just about delivering but how you help contribute to the culture of a company that is important. I am grateful for the guidance he has provided during the time I have worked with him!

Jon Rose Executive Staff Dropbox

“I've gone through many leadership trainings at Airbnb, McKinsey, MIT Sloan and other places and Cory was the most engaging and effective trainer that I've experienced. He continually progressed the thinking on core concepts, tailored the content well to Airbnb and our context and kept the whole audience engaged and entertained. Kudos to Cory! ”

Jeff Feng Product Lead, Data, Airbnb

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