Transformational workshops as fun as they are functional

Sessions with Supergood are created based on industry-leading research and customized to suit specific team needs. Whether we are reinforcing the foundations of good leadership, cultivating more confidence in professional presentations or working together on better communication, Supergood delivers high-impact workshops that translate into tangible results. They also happen to be downright binge-worthy.

Who we work with

Whole Companies

Depending on the overarching goals, structure, and size of the company, many of our workshops can be applied across all staff. In the event that a group has distinct needs, these workshops can be tailored to suit specific departments.

People / Learning &
Development Teams

Supergood has a special place in its heart for the folks on the ‘people team’. In collaboration with organizations, we co-design and coordinate initiatives that provide special training which meets and challenges the sophistication of their people team.

Sub-organizations and
Cross-Functional Groups

When it comes to sub-organizations, cross-functional groups, or specialist departments, Supergood workshops are designed for the unique challenges and personalities of each group. Our content and the conversations we have become more focused to deliver clear-cut value and faster upleveling.

Sales Teams

One of our specialties (and great pleasures) is working with sales teams. Our workshops account for everything from critical sales requirements, such as establishing a unified sales process, all the way to integral soft skills like positive negotiation and relationship building.

Executive Staff

There are certain topics and conversations that are only relevant to or appropriate for a company’s most senior staff. Supergood workshops make sure those holding the most demanding roles in an organization find themselves engaged, challenged, and importantly, happy. These workshops all have a satisfying return on investment for companies interested in expanding the skillsets of their executive team.

Our Approach



We conduct a ‘needs assessment’ either via phone interview and/or a survey to gauge the exact developmental requirements of a team.



We will collaborate with the organization to design or select the right workshop, and then develop a proposal to make certain that everyone involved in the process is happy.



We deliver exactly what we promised (sometimes even with a few bonus surprises). This is the bit that really sets Supergood apart, too. We radically orient to do whatever it takes to provide value and cultivate aliveness in the room. We are experts in honoring the agenda while dancing in the moment and working with whatever shows up.

_“Better than we could have imagined” is the feedback we often receive on this step.



We provide retention documents to summarize key learnings and offer optional debriefs and integration calls if our clients need.

Our Tools

In-person workshops

The classic. Our pièce de résistance. Short, long, one-offs, or in a series, Supergood can make a workshop work in all the right ways - and always with your goals and budget in mind.

Virtual workshops

Same as above, but with geographical convenience in mind. Having said that, virtual workshops do come with their own unique challenges and opportunities. We adapt our content for the medium and always find a way to engage our participants.

Video recording and coaching

Recording sessions, playing them back for participants, and coaching to the video can be transformative. Albeit confronting. Supergood are experts at integrating video coaching into our work and gently shepherding our clients through any discomfort that arises.

Reinforcement trainings

Wherever possible, we like to incorporate reinforcement training into our programs. Research has shown that retention skyrockets with repetition. Supergood also offers train-the-trainer sessions so that a company’s staff can contribute to the reinforcement of our material.

Breakout skill coaching

We create individual or small group break outs where participants can receive individualized attention and hyper-focused coaching. In our experience, we have found the breakthroughs and a-ha moments multiply exponentially, when skills can be practiced in combination with master coaching.

Role plays

This is the fun part! We craft realistic scenarios for participants to get game speed practice with master coaching to uplevel their skills and expedite their preparedness. With this kind of training, when the real pressure is on, a team’s performance and confidence will be elevated.

Holistic programs

We put together custom, holistic programs which cover a range of topics and delivery mediums in an intentional sequence to meet the scale of your company’s vision. These programs can be longer term engagements (6 months to 1 year+) to accommodate busy schedules, natural learning curves, and allow for the fullest expression of our highest impact reinforcement model.

“I hired Cory to work with my team at Google in order to rebuild trust. We had real issues and a lack of trust within the team that I took over to manage and run. There was no teamwork or collaboration. With Cory's help, I was able to identify the core issues and rebuild the team's trust and connection. My work with Cory is ongoing and the outcomes are already evident. I would highly recommend him to anyone. ”

Konrad Ribeiro Head of Industry, Media and Entertainment, Google

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Frequently Asked Questions Still have questions? Please contact us.

Who will be my instructor/facilitator?

Cory Caprista - the founder of Supergood - will conduct all consultations and is the primary instructor. If involving other instructors with complementary skills is in the best interest of the workshop, this will be included in the proposal. Supergood has always found a way to present inspiring and aligned solutions, however, clients will have the final decision making authority on program design, including instructors.

What kind of content does Supergood offer?

Our content and expertise includes but is not limited to:


  • New manager fundamentals
  • Leadership presence (for senior managers to director level)
  • Vision and values
  • Coaching mastery
  • Influencing without authority
  • Emotional intelligence & compassionate leadership
  • Delegation and accountability
  • Change management


  • Storytelling
  • Non-violent communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Difficult conversations & conflict resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Public speaking & executive presence


  • Building team trust
  • Mindfulness, breathwork & self-awareness
  • Career development: Northstar program
    • Interesting in learning more about the Northstar Program? Click here to learn more.
  • Productivity
  • Prioritization


  • Sales process
  • Fundamental sales skills
  • Coaching for sales leaders
How are sessions conducted?

Workshops can be conducted virtually or in-person. Supergood will thoughtfully design the experience based on the medium of the interaction, and content will be structured appropriately for in-person for virtual engagement.

How much does it cost?

All workshop packages are customized and following our complimentary consultation and needs assessment, a comprehensive proposal, including all services and costs will be sent to the client for review.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We prefer any secure payment method without fees (on both ends) and have always found a suitable method with our clients. If a credit card must be used, the fees are added to the invoice and worn by the client.

How do you measure workshops effectiveness?

Supergood integrates with our clients measurement processes and tools, and where clients don’t have existing methods, we deliver a solution. The most frequently used method is surveying participants anonymously in conjunction with a debriefing and analysis meeting to lock in learnings and make adjustments for the future.